Monday, April 11, 2011

My LOVELY on vacation..

YEAHHHH !! my luvly sayang on vacation for 30 days !! happpy ! every year he will visit me.. and especially on day 24.. It's so sweet day ! he will give something surprising to me ! Love You sayang ! 

Becasuse of my Lovely :

a) I will complete my diploma.. yeaaa !

b) I will end my class this friday

c) My final project will end up with great marks !

d) going to attend speaking test and so on !

e) spent a lot of money with hang out and create a lot of moments with my dearest friends..

f) I just taking 3 final exam and 1 final lab test ! happpy pluss awesome !

g) every year my lovely will give an 'annoying number' .. =p

h) On his vacation, he told me that he always watching me from his place..

i) On his vacation, yaa, admit !! i never get priceless gift or the precious moment.. =(

j) just only last 3 years i got surprised by him.. *my friends help him to make a surprise at UiTM Pilah~

k) Too many friends like his arrival.. because he just came by once a year..huhuhu~

l) on a first day, for sure he will coorperate with my papa to 'kena' kn me.. cett !

m) On day 24, i will get a lot of wishes from my firends. Then, my friends Maxis and Celcom will give me free calls n messages for a week.. yess !

n) OoooOOOOooo they can guess who is my lovely sayang larhhh~

Just want to wish have a nice day sayangss.. So sorry with my late wishes coz I'm so busy sweetheart.. On 24th I will date with u okayss.. promise !! with no interference yeppp ! So.. welcome home APRIL....

*I'm So excited when you are with me for 30 days APRIL sweet~


  1. Ahmad Zaki bin Mohd HashimApril 11, 2011 at 10:29 PM

    SYAZ!!!!aku de 2 soalan......
    1.Sape sweetheart ko??
    2.font baru ko wat aku malas nk bace blog ko....hehehhe......sorry eyh.....saket mata aku dibuatnyer......

  2. haha APRIL laa...bulan april sweetheart ak sbb april birthday ak..

    eh ?? okay2 weekends ni ak edit yep..

    thnx bace babe !