Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hey, I'm Syaz ! a daughter of Hamdan Hashim...

HELLO,  everyone ! just at 3.17 a.m baru ada masa for updating my blog.. my bloggers like ayiencomot itu awal2 da update blog dia ! nevermind ! seems like i want to show u sumthng ! who am i.. what i'm doing ! what's my appearance ! what's my interest ! n others ! there are a lot of pics i put inside this entry.. 

I admit im not pretty as u think.. but this entry just full of mine ! haha.. I choose u my luvly readers to watch all this moment in this entry.. every single pic has a precious moment.. and the story of all these moments i'll will update in the another entry PLUS i will put a lot of pics wif my frens..

LET'S enjoy the pic readerss~

Seriously, Im not interested in playing bowling ! Oh it's too heavy to throw at the pin there ! cettt ! hahaha.. but just fyi.. i pernah strike taw ! dont just see me at the kurus one yapp !i like to play snooker n pool too ! beshhh ! =)

Since stay at perak.. feel like oh Kuala Lumpur.. more i appreciate my own hometown..  Kuala Lumpur & Shah Alam there are a lot of things we need ! plus Perak so panas ! i cant stand.. Insyaallah.. UiTM Shah Alam here I come..


Stay at perak, I learn to eat their cuisine.. Such as Ikan patin masak tempoyak, their sambal belacan is so wonderful ! Mcm sambal belacan mak cik N mak long.. tak dapat dekat kampung tp dapat dekat sini okay what ! terubat rindu ini.. haha..

I'm single N available.. 
so many outsider told me that i'm desperate person ! 
Hello, fyi I'm not that type of person ! I feel comfortable being a single yahh !
Nothing to think about boyfie la, where the place to date la, nak pujuk2 boyfie if they merajuk la, 
mana nak cari topup la, must to ask permission to them if nk hang out la !
eishhh nope ! x suke !

Being a single, I'm FREE !! bole karaoke wif frens, playing snooker ! drive manual car, watching movie, 
hang out with guys.. Oh sume nye bole buat without ada org control ! seronok ! leh dressup in different ways jugak ! so no objection form the guys ! yeaaa... plus i can decide what i'm going to do !

DURIANN ! yeahh long time i'm not taste the durian..yahhh i cant eat a lot because of migrain ! so just wait another entry about durian yupp.. so deliciouss yummy ! * the way i smile is so tempt ! huhu..

I'm obsesses with children seriously ! haha.. pantang jumpa baby walaupun x comel.. mesti nk dukung dia, mesti nk kiss dia, mesti nak agah dia, mesti nak tarik pipi dia yg tembam n mesti nak bawak balik ! wahh best kn jadi ibu pada anak kembar ini ! i want them ! bring them along to shopping mall, buy their clothes, but them mcdonalds ! wahhh comelll ! *syaz nak baby tapi tak de calon !cett hahaha~

yaaa i admit my life is empty.. 
I do not know what i suppose to achieve 
I do not know what i need in this nature !
tapi niat dan matlamat pergi belajar kerana mama dan papa dan masa depan !
tuh yg penting tok berjaya.. betul niat kita insyaallah sumenye berjalan dgn lancar~

hey, I'm smiling at you larhh !
haha i'm smiling n u think im happy but through inside it's full of pains !
*i want u but no feedback from you !
i just want to fren with you but u run away from me !
*you call me every night but u just play stupid at me !
ur job will lose !

the pins there ! 
- i just imagine the person that hates me so much !
- i just imagine the person left me after 3 years couple !
- i just imagine the person so demand with me !
- i just imagine the person treats me like a ugly one !

I'm crazy person, open minded, talkative, great in bargain, shopaholic, traveller, free critics..
I'm not lucky in LOVE
I have no luck in FRIENDSHIP
My parents loves me them much..
I trust them n sometimes i object them too ! 
haha i'm not a good daughter !

When u looks gorgeous, there are many people want to friends with you.. 
because u r so nice and they want to be like you !
When you are so good in study, many people want to close with you with a lot of agenda..
because they want score as well like you too !
So when they say something bad at ur back..
meaning that they want to be like you 100% same !
*So beware with the person like this~

NICE shot ! credit too fifiey~
nampak I'm so soft o whatever laa..
but i just want to do what i want !
who cares ! my own money okay !

I like to try something new..
bila cuba sesuatu yang baru kita sgt happy dan nak wat bnda tuh byk kali
tuh dinamakan PENGALAMAN !
I love new experience.. bila ada experience tak payah susah2kn org lain nak wat bnda baru lg !
yeahhh fikiran kene la ke hadapan !

hahaha I'm the one yg syiokkss sendiri yep ! suke..
snap pic sorg2 bila bosan dekat kelas..
haiyoo dlm kelas okay tak nk cter sbb da nk final examm !

tak tahu nak cerita ape lg..
just leave this pic..
*nk bgtaw kaki i panjang jugak okayyy ! hahaha

* do not ever try to change me to be some other person because I proud to be myself ! a few outsider really hates me because they cant be like me !!! 

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