Monday, December 20, 2010

outing ! lepak-ing ! chill-ing ! window shopping ! gossip -ing !!! (part 1)

HYE, guys !! i'm blogging again ! upload the pic from pp's page without permission.. hehe sorry pp ! so last week on thursday, 16th dec.. I met pp, zu and their frens fiza at one utama.. we hang out, gossiping, playing baseball, activity must do = karaoke !! hahaha.. watching narnia.. have fun with them is so cool !! da lama x jumpa pp.. almost 3 years i guess !!she's my ex roomate at uitm pilah.. katil ats sblh2 je..haha my ex partner went to holiday.. hahaha.. a lot of memories we create together at uitm pilah.. okay next is zuraine.. she's my 1st fren i talk in the class during part 1 uitm pilah.. hahaha.. she dares to create the styles at tht campus.. she and pp paling femes laa.. haha.. then fiza.. xperasan la masa kat pilah dulu.. sorry banget ya !! so have fun watch our pic =)

beside me is zu.. cantik kn ?

in the middle is pp.. pretty ryte ? she's arai's sgf..opps !! =)

waiting for narnia !! the baju putih 1 is fiza.. hehe =)

this tyme akak pp kite ni bising coz we r late haha sorry, traffic jam ! haha

yippy ! i have my largest, awesome waffer at waffer world !! yummy !!

 our drinks is masam okay !.. tp zuzu da modified it ! thnx yaw~

wif fiza.. boleh layan kepala die nih..huhu..

pp !! sorry xbyk ckp lorh.. sumpah tbe2 rase segan dgn u.. nxt dating i jnji byk ckp mcm byk this pic akk pp inih jual mhl x mau nyanyi using mic ! cehhh~ haha

they r besties =)

four of us !

hehe.. playing baseball.. lalaala~

*pp thnx a lot for invite me to hang out wif u n others.. zu thnx a lot fetch me for lepak2.. fiza thnx a lot coz realize me tht in ou ade baseball.. hehe =). so happy n enjoy.. nnt jgn jemu, tkot, ajak jumpa korg lg yep.. thnx jadi kawan baik saya =)

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