Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When I cry with no words

Taking you out in my heart, in a tragedy that's hard to hold back
I'm a girl who wasn't able to groan even once
Forget me easily.. Don't feel sorry..
I've suppressed the words I love you

For your happiness I'm throwing away..
Don't make my heart become empty..

Even if I go without any words, even if you see my pain
Pass by me as if you didn't see anything
Don't let your heart start to shake
The tears of a bad girl.. even if it blocks you
One step, two step.. just like that, walk further..

Hiding and watching you, longing for you
I'm a girl who can't even greet you once
Wishing you to have a good love.. telling you not to think of me again..
I've tied up my chilling heart again..

Wishing you to live smiling, I throw away
Don't let my heart become empty..

In my heart, at the end of my heart.. in my thoughts, at the end of my thoughts
I swallow back my tears and send you away..
A love stained in the light of tears, a glow starts to form

I'll always tell you, I'll give you all my heart
About the time I start to become burried in you
The love of a bad girl starts to long for you
One step, two step, following like that
I've come searching for the person I've been longing for.. 

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  1. Ahmad Zaki bin Mohd HashimMay 9, 2011 at 12:40 AM

    aku sker yg korean version....walaopown aku x paham korea.......