Monday, March 14, 2011

Hukum Karma

What’s goes around comes around what’s goes up must come down

The familiar words.. karma.. one of my frens are not belief in karma.. haha maybe he doesn’t know what’s the meaning.. but to me i’m believe on it.. One of my friends also describe it as hikmah.. i’m confuse about hikmah and karma.. to me is different..

Yes ! i acknowledge that i’m scared with karma’s rules.. It’s happens around us.. every moment and every seconds.. too many example, too many situation we can describe as karma.. Once you make something good insyaallah u’ll accept something good too but once you make something bad u will receive the bad things too.. 

Mama said that ‘sekarang Allah bayar cash je..’

The ways we talk, we gossip, we delivery what we want to deliver also can describe as karma.. u said that girl is ugly.. maybe u or your some other family members is ugly.. u show off your things to all the people.. just wait  for 3 4 months the karma will meet u as the other people will show off to you too..

We can avoid from karma tragedy.. just by thinking before u do what u want to do.. In case, if you  forgot about what u have done just remind it back so that u r not repeat the same things..

Actually I want to share several cases with readers..

First case is.. about my friend.. She so nice to me and I’m very comfortable to friend with her.. She’s so brave and  strict.. her princip is do not love any guys who did not have any steady job.. She always advice me that appreciate my own life, do not waste my life with the bodoh’s guys and find the person who has a lot of money so that can give us prosperity.. But now.. she is in love with the guys who has no job either.. I never think that she will get that type of mamat but it’s true ! it’s reality.. She told us that she hates who control her life but she are very comfort with that guy which is control her life right now.. see.. That’s karma.. even we just tell and talk but it will become a real situation.. I’m not just talking about her  but in this case happened by my several friends too.. I just want to share with readers not because of i want embrrasse my friends but I want the readers take it as experience so that do not repeat my friends’s mistakes..

Second cases...  about father and sons.. In U.S.. his father works as army.. he left his sons at his hometown.. his sons stay wif his mother in law.. sakit pening sume this father never amk taw lgsg ! cett.. n after 45 plus2 year.. one of his son never amk taw psl his father's condition ! see !! his father keep praying for his this son for going back to meet him.. everyday keep missing his son ! seriously hurm mcm sedih kn... but dunno.. i dont know who should i blame.. karma or his son because tht's his responsible to take care of his father ! own father ! n i believe someday his own son also will do the same things ! seriously ! 

Hurm, enough for 2 cases.. The example for us to learn about karma ! so jadikan tauladan yep~

* seriously takut takdir yg akan dtg ! takut lupe diri pabila berada di ats.. takut jadi manusia yg bongkak dan sombong ! insyaallah, kesemua sifat ini akan ku jauhinya~

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