Sunday, March 27, 2011


masa tahun lepas kalau tak silap la..
im supporting earth hour dekat S.I jugak.
hurm masa tuh dok melati 2..
kolej support la jugak n my dewan makan too..

best ! mcm 1 malaysia..
sume2 support
but for this year..
xde suppport lgsg from uitm !

mcm haram !
budak2 uitm pon x amk kisah da..
asl eh?
x supportive lgsg seruan kerajaan !

taw la mcm buang masa
tp bnda 1 jam je tok kite jimatkn elektrik !
bukan 1 bulan o 1 hari !
x sporting laa !

looks like haha im very excited support bnda2 ginih !
haha coz i love malaysia.
eventhough im support alone in my room..
accompanied by lptop, macaroni cheese !
yummmy !!~

xcaye ?

sitting alone with my laptop while updating blog~

hah tgk dok sorg2 taw..
opps yg kt belakg tuh bkn brg2 sy yep ! 
hehe =)
masa earth hour dijalankn...
saya telah membuat assignment yg tidak ada kaitan dgn mathematic

ANIMATION haraammmm !

hehe =) my org lidi for animation.. his character is jumping to grab the ball~

dlm gelap taw buat animation..
my animation is about 2 team from kampung pisang n kampung pinang
competed in a soccer game..
hahaha after i finish up all this..
i will show the full animation yahhh !

okay so gtg now 
have to finish all this thingss..
nytes readers !

* teringat papa ckp psl earth hour.. dila soh tup lampu sbb earth hour..tbe2 papa marah.. papa ckp..ah xde2 earth hour nih ! ak byr duit elektrik taw..jgn tutup..=) hahaha ! last2 tahun ni papa support jugak..yeahhh~

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