Saturday, February 19, 2011

travel to pangkor~

seriously da lama x on9 dgn tertib nya.. busy dgn keje.. n baru2 ni travelling to pulau pangkor ! it was fun, great.. arghh can't describe it ! haha.. naik je dr bercuti all tests n kuiz waiting for me ! haram ! to all the readers n chatters im so sorry cant reply ur chat coz im too busy.. but thnx for the comments..i'm very appreciate it ! loves u all !

travelling !

yeah on 12th n 13th feb at 8a.m, me n my classmates went to pangkor.. i think this is my first tyme travel with frens i guess.. it's different hols wif frens n family.. cant believe it ? haha just try it ! hurm smp pangkor around 12.. we having a lunch first.. haiyoo.. so expensive.. nsi ayam je rm4.50.. elow k.l baru rm3 okay ! kalao berlauk rm7.50 termasuk air..ishk ! the chalet pulak.. th price rm65.. including snorkeling, bbq.. murah kn ?? haha.. okay i want to mention the price during im there..

snorkeling : rm15
banana boat : rm15 per person !
candat sotong : rm10
jetski : rm10
karaoke : rm1.50 per song
kayak : rm15
sewa van : rm40 (pergi n balik) sharing !
feri : rm10 ( pergi balik )

is it cheap ?? haha i admit banana boat very expensive.. haha.. okay jam 2pm je snorkeling.. my first tyme experience.. haha da la xpndai berenang.. yg pentg dapat souvenier dr pangkor.. luka sana sini kat kaki n jari..but it's fun ! pic bawah ni before snorkeling.. hehe wajah2 ceria yup !

my classmate~

eating ! eating ! the foods are expensive okay !

dyen's P.A n driver aka memayung !haha

Let's snorkeling babey !

before snorkeling ! so exciting readers..let's try it !

i like this boyan ! hihi =)

riding banana boat ! *the trainer is so garang   !!

because of this boat, my legs injured !

waitg for the bus kokak ! sandwich our breakfast tht day ! haha

ohh datin wannabe !!

artis larhh ! in front of us is paparazzi ! haha

snap pic before naik feri huhu

ohh mek kelate nih ! posing maut haha

yeah ! zureen hasneeda screaming tht tyme haha

first tyme i saw this fish ! enak !

before candat sotong marriiii !!

gah gah gah ...

cantik luar cantik dalam cantik dgr sini ! *senyum !!
1 sotong pon xdpt ! sotong was sulking at me !!

pangkor island !

on renovation ! thnx zambri ! =

going back home ! at jetty !

seriously exhausted

selipa sama jah !

ex rumate aka classmate aka bedmate n so on larh hehe =)

in the bus kokak !

let's snapping the pic !

where are u my dear sotong !! i'm excited to see u !

wif ecah~

going back to S.I !

see ff ! muke nk tired jerh !! haha

having fun watching all  pics above ?? haha u all shud have vacation at pulau pangkor ! seriuosly ! it's fun ! just try it ! the budget less than rm150 only including trnsportation.. pulau pangkor i will be back one day wif my another frens yaw !

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