Sunday, August 22, 2010

love this !

Valentine's Day~

hye frens !!

actually want to tell about this film
citer nih superb giler
hahaha sbnrnye xnak tgk
coz mesti banyak romantic2 ryte?

hati nih baru nak baik dr luka
but bile tgk starring die
wow !! fabulous artist yg berlakon..

I like all the scenes in this film
n the most is
about friendship convert to couple
sweet !!

so sbnrnye dapat tahu something dalam film ni
it is..
things like that can turn a friend from some0ne that you like
into someone that you love..

so I cant give up with what I've start
MMM is my kawan baik..
actually, I really comfortable with him
mish his laugh larh kwn2 !!

Valentine's Day Film
teach how to appreciate someone
that love us without any sulk

so korg tgk taw citer nih
full of roses
tuh yg sweet jerh
nak roses !!!~

*bila kita jadi kawan baik dengan seseorang
x mustahil die boleh jadi kekasih kita juga..

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