Monday, July 19, 2010


I know..
I'm a bad gurl
selalu 'cukop2 makan' in study
but as a human
I have desire to be a successful person

I have a lot of dreams...
Dreams that I don't know will come true or not..

I realize...
Afford, parents' pray is very important
to become a successful human...

First of all...


after I finish my stdy..
I want to continue my degree in mgt maths..
after degree in management mathematics
i would like to further my study in master..
master in finance mathematics..
really2 want to study in overseas..
and this University my selection
learn their culture..
but i have to score 3.5 and above..
can I reach the pointer?
yes, i can do it!!
go SYAZ !!
syaz BOLEH !!


I need to finish my study..
in Diploma Quantitative Sciences..
teringin gak nak pakai topi graduate tuh..
but lg 1 sem je lg..even kwn2 da abes..
but Alhamdulillah I feel lucky to study in this course..

Is it nice?

nice ryte??
My dreams to wear wedding dress..
the dress full of politeness..
but when??
i really4 waiting for the great moment once in my life..


all the people waiting for this moment..
another 5 years??maybe.. AMIN~
I need my own life with the person that really2 loves me !!
but when? who??hahaha..
just wait n see..
i choose blue color
for the wedding's theme..


The main dreams is to bring Mama n Papa
make their umrah n haji..
yupz.. Mama teringin sangat2 nak g sini..
I'll make ur dreams come true ma..
kak long xde bnda nk wat mama n papa happy..
belajar pon cam biasa2 je..
tapi kak long nak bawak mama n papa g cni..
ni janji kak long pada mama ngn papa k..

* ya ALLAH.. semoga kau berkati usaha hambaMU ini agar aku dapat mencapai impian ku ini.. AMIN~

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